Free App of the Week: iHeart Radio

Weekly review of select 'Free' applications from the iPhone App Store.

This week I will be looking at an Internet radio program named, "iHeart Radio".


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On the iPhone App Store, you can find quite a few Internet radio style programs that play Internet radio on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Most of these apps work in a similar fashion and do what they are supposed to do quite well. Internet radio is an awesome technology that I have been using for years now, however with the addition of portable devices into the mix, now it truely is a radio application as you can take it literally anywhere. At least where there's an Internet connection over the air. The iPhone is the preferred platform to run this application because of its cell phone radio that does not limit you to a WiFi spot.

Now iHeart Radio is a creation of Clear Channel so it is limited to actual Clear Channel radio stations which is fine for many users since they own most of the major radio stations around the country. If you live in the greater Los Angeles area like I do, you'll be pleaseantly surprised by the choices of your favorite stations on the list. I personally like to listen to an AM talk radio station that I can listen to any time on my iPhone without being tethered to a radio. Many of the Internet radio apps use podcasts as a means to transmit radio stations which means that the information can be days old when you hear it. Now iHeart Radio is real time which means you also get the commercials as well, but I think that this is an acceptable trade-off to have your radio where ever and when ever you need it.

I have tested iHeart Radio extensively since its release in September. I have not experienced many performance issues when using it over WiFi or phone connections. iHeart Radio will switch off when a phone call comes in and quickly turns back on when the call is complete. It does not work in the background like some of the other radio apps do to allow you to do two things at once. iHeart Radio is a great addition to the Internet radio lineup and I highly recommend it.


  • Program: iHeart Radio
  • Version Tested: 1.0 Released:9/8/08
  • Creator: Clear Channel Broadcasting, Inc.
  • Catagory: Music
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