FBI involved in "Nexus One" incident

Early Friday morning, an angry Nexus One prototype took an engineer hostage for more than 8 hours. The oversized prototype model was disgruntled over reports that it was going to be scrapped and was heard muttering about software errors and iTunes incompatibility.


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Local authorities called the FBI in to negotiate with the hapless device but were unable to come to terms with its demands.


The FBI called in a nearby SWAT team to storm the building if necessary. Although the Nexus One had sophisticated speech capabilities, the SWAT team was unable to decipher its demands and eventually cut off the devices' data connection to prevent it from calling for help.


After 8 hours of failed negotiations, the SWAT team stormed the building and pulled the rogue phones battery ending the stalemate.


The female engineer was not harmed during the incident. The errant device was immediately removed from the premises and placed under 24-hour surveillance.


Local Google representatives were unavailable for comment on the situation. An unnamed source within the FBI was quoted as saying, “This type of incident will continue to be a growing threat as the Smartphone war continues to heat up and phones become more aware of themselves”.








Photo courtesy of Wired.com
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