Meow, meow, meow!

I must admit that some of the most fun I have with my iPhone also requires a cat. Or three. Yes, I have no fewer than four apps that meow and make other cat sounds. That sounds a bit weird, but if you're a cat owner (or a cat owns you), there's lots of fun to be had with such apps. See, cats may think they're really smart, but in reality few cats understand how an iPhone works. So if there are meow sounds and there are no other cats around, that is certain to raise a few whiskers.

Now I am not saying cats are stupid by any means. After being duped a couple of times by apps like Meow, Kitty Serenade, Cat Piano or The Kitty, they figure out  that there really isn't another cat and it's just another funky thing those tall two-leggers are pulling on them. They may still play along, but in a more calm, cool and aloof kittycat kind of way, which is probably more than humans would do if all of a sudden the chimney spoke to them.

It's endlessly fascinating to see cats' reactions to those meow apps, and the cats seem to have lots of fun with them. Of my three cats, my big Russian Blue remains unruffled and generally tries to ignore the meows. Buddy, who's a little pipsqueak, starts acting like an alpha-cat and often begins harassing his meek sister Holly who's the biggest scaredy-cat ever. Some meows, however, embolden Holly and she postures back. Or they suddenly start bouncing around the room. Or cuddling up to us and acting all needy. Or they make funny cat sounds of their own. It's interesting to see what cat sounds they react to, and how. Or which cat will do what. So on top of all the other things my iPhone does, it's also the best cat toy ever.    

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