iPhone fallout: the magical Magic Mouse

Honestly, I had mixed feelings when my new iMac27 came with that tiny wireless keyboard and the new wireless Magic Mouse. But WOW! The Magic Mouse rocks. It's awesome, terrific, wonderful and the best ever. After a week with the new iMac I cannot imagine ever using another mouse again.

What makes the Magic Mouse so great? It feels like you're using an iPhone! That's because the top of the Magic Mouse is really a Multi-Touch surface with gesture support. So instead of driving a scroll wheel or that funky microball in earlier Apple mice, you scroll exactly like you do on an iPhone. There's the same wonderful precision and, just like on the iPhone, you can scroll with "momentum," i.e. whip up and down pages (or any other direction) and then stop on a dime.

The Magic Mouse feels so much like an iPhone, it's eery. I halfway expect it to ring and be a phone, too. And now, when I look at my 3GS, I almost wish I could use it as a mouse for my iMac in addition to everything else it does. I mean, why not? The iPhone and the Magic Mouse are about the same size, the mouse's multi-touch area is about the same as the iPhone screen, and they feel eerily the same.

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I think what's happening here is that Apple is increasingly incorporating the best interface features of the iPhone into its computers (and vice versa). It's a clear win-win situation. Anyway, if you haven't tried the new Magic Mouse, check it out somewhere. It'll blow you away.

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