Toki Tori and Knights Onrush go lite

Toki Tori and Knights Onrush are currently two of my favorite Chillingo games, as evidenced by my recent reviews (Toki Tori and Knights Onrush). Understandably, though, at a price point of $4.99 many people are hesitant to take the plunge regardless of glowing reviews. Chillingo has thankfully addressed that problem by providing lite versions of both applications. Here's what they have to say:

Toki Tori

The Lite version contains new levels specifically designed to introduce you to the game. Just some of the great features include:

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Tailor-made multi touch control scheme
Some of the best graphics you will see on the iPhone
Suitable for all ages
Catchy music and sound effects

You can find the lite version of Toki Tori here


Knights Onrush

The goal of the game is simple: keep the invaders from breaching your castle walls for as long as possible. There's a variety of defensive options available in Knights Onrush. You can use fireballs and freeze spells, hurl giant boulders at your attackers, or even serve 'em up as lunch for a swooping dragon. The game is fun, and for all intense purposes, satisfying, especially when you launch the dragon on your enemies.

This free version gives you a pretty substantial slice of the full version’s gaming pie. You get to play the endless siege mode, although only three enemies show up at your castle’s door, as opposed to the 11 of the full game.

You can grab Knights Onrush Lite here

This is some of the best fun you're going to have on your iDevice, so don't hesitate to snag these lite versions now, and don't be surprised if you find yourself making a couple of purchases soon after.

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