Review: Fibble HD by Crytek

It’s the same old story – alien ship gets hit, and despite their always advanced technology they end up helplessly careening into the earth.  Much like another physics puzzler called Marbians you end up in a suburban home and find out that humans are much bigger than you are.  You must find all your friends and ultimately flee your gigantic surroundings.  The atmosphere is cute but the levels can be quite challenging, so feel free to take the game for a spin even if you are a “macho” adult.  So far I haven’t been disappointed.

Ragno To The Rescue

You control Fibble, and your job is to roll, flip, toss or whatever you can do to him to get him to the end of each of the 28 levels that comprise this house.  You’ll tour the kitchen, bathroom, kid’s room and basement, meeting a new friend in each location.  Docto lets you grab hold of Fibble and then let go to send him in whatever direction you’d like.  Byte pops up from the ground, launching Fibble over certain obstacles.  Vroom uses his gun to accelerate Fibble’s movement in whatever direction he’s already travelling, and Ragno swings from the ceiling, grabbing Fibble and tossing him for a short distance when you finally decide to let go.

You’ll be able to place one or more instances of these characters on each level at points that are designated with an X.  It’s up to you to figure out which spot will make the best use of each alien’s talents.  The fact that you can have multiple instances of a single alien on a given level is a bit odd, but I suppose it would have been difficult to come up with complex puzzles if they didn’t do that.  What’s nice is that you can try a certain configuration of aliens, and if it doesn’t work you can swap some around without the whole board being reset.  That is, of course, unless you complete the level, in which case you’ll have to place all the aliens again should you choose to retry the level.

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Kid's Stuff

In a typical physics puzzle control move you’ll drag away from the Fibble in the opposite direction you want to launch him.  Once he’s in motion you’ll use the other aliens to manipulate Fibble, tapping on the screen when a green circle glows around the alien you wish to activate.  As long as Fibble is still rolling, you can also use the accelerometer to help guide him by tilting your device.  I haven’t run into any problems with launching Fibble, but sometimes tapping to activate an alien or tilting to steer Fibble seems like it could be a bit more responsive.

Each level has a bunch of coins and three stars to collect.  You can earn bronze, silver and gold medals, and to earn the gold you usually need to beat the level with a certain number of points using only one flick of Flibble (you can flick him three times in a level).  It might take you a few tries to earn the gold medal on some levels, but once that’s done there’s not much incentive to replay levels as there are no Game Center achievements.

In The Kitchen

The graphics are incredibly well done.  While I know the task is simpler in a computer generated environment, they did a good job of giving an accurate feel of scale to everything.  The objects are detailed and well animated also.  The cut scenes are cute, but it would be nice if they involved something more than the quick meet-up of Fibble and whatever alien he’s first encountering in the new level set.  The sound effects are pretty good, and unlike a lot of puzzle games where there might be one or two sounds per level, Fibble is full of ambient noises that help the levels come to life.  The music is enjoyable as well and does a decent job of promoting the fun atmosphere of the game.

What you won’t get with Fibbles is the 100s of somewhat generic levels in games like Angry Birds.  Nor will your goal be to destroy everything on the screen.  Instead, you get 28 well thought out levels filled with thoughtful challenges and colorful characters.  There’s not much to do once you’ve beaten the game the first time through, but that first play through is entertaining enough for me.

Overall Score: 7/10
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This game was reviewed on an iPad 2 running iOS 5.0.1.

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