Quick Look: The Corsair for iPhone

Almost a year and a half ago I reviewed the Pocket PC version of The Corsair.  You can check that out here to get all my thoughts on that incarnation of the game.  So how does the iPhone version compare?  Well, it's really basically the same game.  Thankfully, that's not such a bad thing.

The basics are that you have acquired a boat that contains the secret to a hidden treasure, and you decide to seek out the treasure.  The game takes place over the course of 5 days, each day divided into three "acts" - the first two being the requisite trampling of the minions, and the 3rd being the defeat of the boss for that day.  The Corsair is a gallery style shooting game, so in each scene you'll wait for the bad guys to pop up from behind various obstacles and then blow them away.  There are hostages that you have to avoid hitting, however, and power ups to restore health should you need it.

The Dynamite Or The Pirate?

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On the Pocket PC, my main gripe with the game was it's length.  Since the actual game hasn't changed any, that's still an issue here.  I tend not to be very good at these games, even on the easy level, but I was able to beat The Corsair rather quickly.  On the iPod, I also felt that, due to the relative size of my finger versus the stylus used on the Pocket PC version, "firing" seemed a little less accurate.  On the easy mode it's not such a big deal until you get to the harder levels, but on more difficult modes it can make it much harder than necessary to play the game.  I guess that will make it last longer, though!

Graphically, the game is looking as sharp as ever.  I'm not sure that there was much if any tweaking done to the visuals, but it looks really good on my iPod.  Details abound in the characters themselves as well as the background, and everything blends together nicely.  The sound effects are wonderful, really conveying the feel of a pirate adventure.  The music lives up to the usual PDAMill standards, which means it fits well with the game and is quite enjoyable.  You can almost always count on PDAMill to deliver in this area.

The iPhone version of The Corsair really doesn't offer anything that you couldn't get from the Pocket PC version of the game, except for the ability to play it on your iDevice.  Fortunately, that's enough for me.  Even though I had beaten the game on my Pocket PC I really enjoyed playing it again on my iPod.  If you love, like or even have somewhat of a fondness for shooting gallery style games, you really need to add The Corsair to your collection.  If you've not played this type of game before, here's your chance to give it a try.  As of the writing of this review the game was still free in the App Store, so you really have no excuse not to try it out.

Final Verdict: Recommended
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