Kickstarter: Halflings, Darklings and Melons, Oh My!

Kickstarter has become a bit of a phenomenon, and with good reason.  While just like with any other system there's no guarantee that every campaign will be successful, there are enough success stories to come out of the crowd funding camp to make it worth a developer's while to at least try.  I run across more than my share of interesting projects on the web site, and get several requests from developers to publish "their story" and help spread the word.  Here are a couple recent contacts that I thought I'd make you aware of.

Halfling Wars

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This is the more pressing of the two, as the campaign ends in just a couple of days.  If you like social games like FarmVille but want something with a slightly different setting, this might just be the project for you.  Imagine if Zynga took on the worlds of J.R.R. Tolkein's The Hobbit and you can see where this is going.  You'll still get to farm, but you'll also build an army of creatures to wage war on your friends.  You'll also be able to wager on the battles, winning money, potions and possibly even the creatures that you're fighting.  There will also be some mini-games to pass the time away.  The campaign is designed to help make all aspects of the game bigger and better, and of course to raise awareness of the project in the first place.

Melon Dash

So maybe social farming with fantasy creatures isn't your cup of tea.  How about racing with fruit?  Melon Dash allows you to do just that, taking you to the races with one of Gallagher's favorite artistic mediums.  The current design allows for four different types of melons, each with a different feel when it comes to controls.  Collect power ups like glue, TNT and Carrot Missiles to help you play dirty and get ahead, but watch out for obstacles like rocks, as you'll soon learn that it doesn't take a sledgehammer to make you got "splat".  The world could use a few more silly racers, and with it's quirky concept, colorful characters and crazy obstacles, Melon Dash looks to fit the bill quite nicely.

Check out each project's home page, and maybe you'll feel inclined to help an indie developer make their dreams come true.  Not to mention you might just get a really cool game out of it as well.

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