Contest: Smize Yourself and win an audition with Tyra Banks

Smize YourselfIf you've ever felt your photos don't have enough pizzaz, maybe it's time to "smize" yourself.  Much like Zoolander’s stare, smizing is a way to bring attention to your personality, though unlike the made up model’s technique this one apparently really works.  It’s a concept developed by Tyra Banks whereby you “smile with your eyes”, and you can learn it for yourself with the iOS application Smize Yourself!  You’ll even be taught by the mater as the lessons were recorded by Tyra Banks herself.  Don’t worry, though, because the software contains facial morphing options to help where smizing just isn’t enough.

So what can you do with this new found talent?  Well, you can post your “smized” pictures to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Google+, and 8 select participants will get a chance to audition directly with Tyra Banks for the next installment of the hit series “America’s Next Top Model”.  As this is the 20th cycle of the competition, it will be open to both men and women for the first time as well, though this competition is strictly for the ladies.  Have no fear though, men, as you’ll get your chance after the women have been picked.  See, chivalry isn’t completely dead.

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