App Treasures: New Independent Label Formed

I was recently contacted by Noel from Snappy Touch to let me know about a new software label being formed by several prominent independent developers.  Now I could ramble on in my own words about it, but thankfully he was kind enough to provide me with a press release, so here goes:

Indie iPhone Game Developers Band Together To Form The App Treasures Label

June 4, 2009 -- Five independent iPhone game developers announced today the creation of the App Treasures label: A collection of top-quality, indie games for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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The App Treasures label is a seal of quality that consumers can trust, and will help users ?nd hidden gems in the App Store. When someone plays an App Treasures game and they like it, chances are they will also like the other games available from the label.

As the App Store starts being dominated by big companies and publishers, indie developers feel their efforts don't get the level of visiblity they deserve. "This is our way of combining resources to become a bigger player" said Keith Shepherd, CEO of Imangi Studios, "while retaining our independence and without any of the drawbacks and strings attached that come from working with a publisher."

Developers releasing games under the App Treasures label are carefully considered and hand-picked to ensure maximum quality. A few more developers will be able to join in the upcoming months.

For more information, please visit:

About App Treasures
The App Treasures members are:

  • The Blimp Pilots (Koi Pond, Distant Shore)
  • Imangi Studios (Imangi, Word Squares, Little Red Sled)
  • Snappy Touch (Flower Garden)
  • Streaming Colour Studios (Dapple)
  • Veiled Games (Up There, Payday Roulette)

Contact Us

Okay, now back to me!  It looks like they have a good thing going here, so lets hope they stick to their guns and publish for quality, not quantity.  As the App Store gets more and more crowded, it's good to see small developers sticking together.  I'm looking forward to seeing great things coming out of App Treasures.

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