The 12 Reviews Of Christmas: Fluttr by indieSpring (Day 6)

There’s something innately addictive about the type of game where your character is constantly in motion and you have to keep them safe from whatever traps their surroundings hold. These games tend to work pretty well on the iPhone, but like any other genre that trick is to come up with something that’s different than everything else the user has played. Fluttr does a pretty good job of that. Instead of a running creature you must protect a butterfly. More importantly, though, is that instead of directly controlling the character you control the environment.

In Fluttr you must help a butterfly that apparently has no motivation to rest, because it keeps moving towards some unknown destination off the right side of the screen. There is no way to directly manipulate the butterfly, however. It dives and climbs when it wants to, it can’t jump (for obvious reasons) and it really has no way to defend itself. That’s what you’re here for. To move a flower out of the way you can swipe it up or down. The natural tendency is to swipe flowers on the top of the screen up and ones on the bottom down, but there are times where the opposite thought prevails. Eventually you start getting bees that want to impede your progress, and to get rid of them you simply tap on them.
Dodge The Bee
That’s really all there is to the game. It sounds quite simplistic, and it truly is, but the game still manages to suck you in anyway. I think a lot of that is due to the atmosphere. The graphics remind me of something you’d find in a nicely illustrated children’s book. The images aren’t overly detailed, but they’re bright and friendly and quite inviting. There are no sound effects, but the music is wonderful. I don’t even really know how to describe it, but it’s easy to listen to and makes you want to keep playing just so you can hear it some more.
My only concern is in the apparent lack of variety of obstacles. As I’ve played some more I’ve run across one more opponent that I haven’t mentioned in the review, but one would hope over time that there will be even more surprises. If not, it’s still a fun game, but a measly three different types of obstacles is not a lot. For those who don’t find themselves getting lost in the environment it could easily become repetitive.
Overall Score: 7/10
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