See it, Buy it: Finding Fashion with ASAP54

How many times have you spotted someone impeccably dressed on the streets of New York, or any stylish city for that matter, and wondered where they snagged their amazing blouse or those undeniably chic flats? Would you flat-out ask the savvy individual where they shop, or would you let the moment pass by and hopelessly yearn for something that will never be? Well wonder no more. Thanks to ASAP54 (Free), the latest fashion-finding app to hit the scene, you never have to miss out on a major fashion moment again.


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Here’s the scoop, ASAP54 has been dubbed “the new way to discover and shop fashion online,” and for good reason. The app utilizes the camera on your iPhone or iPad to take a snapshot of whatever must-have clothing item or head-to-toe look you’re currently eyeing and instantly locate similar products from around the web. Like so many social media apps, you have the option to follow other like-minded fashion ASAPERS for daily inspiration. For those rare instances when you're unhappy with ASAP54's return search items, there’s a stylist on hand who will get back to you within 24 hours with 5 more fine-tuned looks.

ASAP54 seamlessly lets you capture a photo, crop it to best fit the targeted item, select your gender and the appropriate category (i.e. shirt, dress, shoes), and voila, the item that you’re coveting is only a few taps away. One great feature is the option to further refine your search by typing in keywords, brands, stores, price range, and color. I found this to be very convenient as not all of us want the results to only yield dresses that cost $1000 or more.

Olivia Palermo on ASAP54.



  • Very easy to use. Upon downloading the app, learning to use it was pretty self-explanatory.  
  • Aesthetically pleasing. The results seamlessly load onto the screen of your iPhone/iPad in a Pinterest-like manner.
  • Innovative and highly interesting concept for the iPhone generation. While there are apps and websites like ShopStyle or Polyvore that allow you type in the description of a clothing item you’re trying to hunt down, ASAP54 takes it a step further thanks to its visual recognition technology.  
  • There are over 150 retailers and 1 million products available in the ASAP54 database.


  • When taking photos to upload, lighting is everything. To ensure the products that ASAP54 is fetching are relevant to your search interests, the quality of your photo is imperative.
  • Depending on the item, sometimes the items retrieved look nothing like what you’ve snapped. To be fair though, ASAP54 does compensate for this flaw by having live stylists on hand for assistance.
  • ASAP54 could benefit from having more celebrities and fashion bloggers join the community. It would be awesome to see which outfits and trends they’re snapping as opposed to average users.


ASAP54 is an undeniably cool fashion app that has unlimited potential. As a self-proclaimed fashion girl, I strongly recommend giving it a download. All in all, this app is more than deserving of the 4 out of 5 stars that I’m giving it.  

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Author Details

Anjerika Wilmer

Anjerika Wilmer is a freelance writer who fancies all things digital. Though a tried-and-true fashion girl, she counts art history, architecture and good design as constant sources of inspiration. Most importantly, she's always in a Vienna state of mind.