The Steller App Revolutionizes Storytelling

Create a new story in Steller.

While it’s true that a picture can tell a thousand words, sometimes the deeper story is left untold. For those instances, Steller (free) is here to help you share your story, passions, and inspirations. Stellar is unique in that it’s more than just a photo and video sharing app. Similar to Storehouse, Steller seamlessly combines photos, video, and text to document an experience, a moment, a life-changing trip, or anything else that speaks to you. Within just moments of browsing the stories of other users, you’ll quickly see that Steller isn’t your ordinary social media app.

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For starters, Steller is just as intuitive and aesthetically pleasing as the concept behind the app itself. To create a new story, you begin by selecting a page layout and adding a video or inserting a photo. After that you can add text to your blank page or include additional photos and clips to further narrate your feature. The beauty of it all is that your story can be as verbose or as succinct as you like.      

Similar to most social networking apps, you can follow other users, like and repost stories. Upon creating your profile, you’ll be prompted to connect your Steller account to either Twitter or Facebook. Bloggers and brands will be drawn to the customization options that allow you to create “collections” and further categorize all of your stories.  


  • Steller doesn’t overwhelm you with endless font options, layouts, and other extraneous features. It equips you with everything you’ll need to convey your story in the most streamlined way possible.  Rather than dwelling on minute details, you can focus solely on the heart of your story.
  • The app is geared toward all users, whether you’re a novice storyteller or a professional blogger, creating a professional-looking story in Steller is a cinch.
  • As far as social networking apps go, Steller fulfills a unique niche. A cross between Instagram and Vine, it takes storytelling to a whole new level.
  • All published stories can easily be shared via Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest as well as embedded on blogs for easy viewing.
  • While the purpose of Steller is to create your own story, it wouldn’t be half as fun if you couldn’t explore the stories of other like-minded users! Thanks to a recent update, browsing is as easy as selecting a topic, typing in a keyword, or searching by a hashtag.


Explore Steller stories.Cons:

  • For video clips, it would be nice if Steller had a simple editing feature built in that would allow you to mute/adjust the volume of your clips. A select few filters for videos would also come in handy if you don’t want to download a separate video editing app.
  • While some people may view the limited narrative customization options (i.e. fonts and layouts) as easier to work with, other users may feel hindered by the small pool of options.  


5 out of 5 stars

Steller is an app that everyone can benefit from. If you have a vision and story to share, then I highly recommend giving it a download. All in all, Steller is more than deserving of the five out of five stars that I’m giving it.

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Anjerika Wilmer is a freelance writer who fancies all things digital. Though a tried-and-true fashion girl, she counts art history, architecture and good design as constant sources of inspiration. Most importantly, she's always in a Vienna state of mind.