4 Quirky Photo Editing Apps for the Instagram Obsessed

It’s safe to say that we live in an Instagram-obsessed society, where capturing the perfect shot is of utmost importance. From finding the perfect filter to adding text and awesome doodles, taking great photos is no longer as simple as pointing and shooting. With so many photo-enhancing apps on the market, it’s downright impossible to keep up with them all. But don't worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are four fun photo-editing apps for those instances when an Instagram filter simply won't do. 

1. XTRAPOP (Free)

Consider XTRAPOP as a photo booth for your iPhone. Start by snapping or uploading an image and then let the fun begin. Although XTRAPOP comes with a generous selection of built-in stickers (think props like crazy top hats and shades), frames, and filters to jazz up your photos, there are additional add-in packs that can be downloaded upon purchase. This highly colorful and intuitive app fills a unique niche in the photo editing spectrum. From cute and quirky to downright comical, the result is sure to make a statement on your preferred social media feed.

2. A Beautiful Mess ($0.99)

A Beautiful Mess is a flawless app created with the most blog and Instagram-savvy in mind. Followers of the lifestyle blog A Beautiful Mess will be instant fans of this app. You can start from scratch with one of the app’s preset backgrounds, upload a photo, or create a collage. Rest assured, A Beautiful Mess comes with all the bells and whistlesnamely zany borders, cute doodles, and witty phrases (like “ooh la la!” or “Perfection”).  And just in case you had something else in mind, you can also add your own text or use one of the filters to further alter your image. Although the app includes several additional packs that must be purchased, I found it to be well-equipped as is. Simply put, A Beautiful Mess is a streamlined app that churns out some ultra-pretty imagery.

3. Over ($1.99)

If you’re going to add text to your photos, then Over is the app to do it with. While apps like Quotable and Phonto get the job done, I have yet to find an app that is as aesthetically pleasing and intuitive as Over. With a library of standard and custom-made fonts to choose from (some of which must be purchased), overlaying text on your favorite photos is a breeze. Another feature that sets Over apart from similar apps is the amount of flexibility you have in manipulating and moving your text. A minimalist app that encourages creativity and good design practices, Over has you covered.  

4. Waterlogue ($2.99)

Thanks to Waterlogue, you can channel your inner artist and turn your favorite subjects into watercolor paintings without ever picking up a paint brush. While the price may seem a bit steep, the quality of each watercolor rendering won’t disappoint. Like your traditional photo-editing app, you can select from a series of 12 different filters (or rather styles like Luminous and Travelogue) so you can achieve exactly the effect you desire.

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Author Details

Anjerika Wilmer

Anjerika Wilmer is a freelance writer who fancies all things digital. Though a tried-and-true fashion girl, she counts art history, architecture and good design as constant sources of inspiration. Most importantly, she's always in a Vienna state of mind.