Apple Climbs Back Up on Barron's List

After taking a plunge to number three last year on Barron's 'World's Most Respected Companies' list, Apple is now back at number one; this comeback is said to coincide with a revival in its shares, which Barron reported has gained more than 60 percent since the spring of 2013.

2013 was not the best year for Apple's brand and image. In addition to falling lower on the Barron list, Apple also lost its spot to Google on BrandZ's annual ranking of Most Valuable Brands, where Apple held the top spot for three consecutive years.

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One potential reason for this brief drought in Apple's brand recognition could be an outdated marketing strategy, which hasn't changed a great deal since its introduction in 1977. The third principle in the company's marketing philosophy has supported the success of its iPod, iPhone, and iPad products, where presentation was certainly key to their success. But in today's world, the consumer is also a lot more educated about technology than the year Star Wars came out. Modern marketing strategies currently go beyond what is played on TV or displayed in stores, and in this sense, it seems that other companies are doing a little better in the creative department.

"[Apple's] revolution has come and gone, and I'm not sure a job at Apple would be a creative opportunity," said a top ad executive. "If I were going to go brand-site, there are a lot more interesting companies I'd rather work for, like Coke or Pepsi."  For shame, Apple—losing your creative edge to two sugar water companies. It's good you're on the top of the Barron list again, but if you want to remain there, you certainly should inject yourself with some of the creativity that you are currently missing.

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Dmitriy Kogan has a B.A. in English from Hunter College. He is putting his degree to great use. He is currently working on his first novel, The Skylight Murders, and also performs stand-up comedy on the side. Read his personal blog at <a href=""></a>.