The Official Yo App Dictionary

Yo. No really, just yo. 

Sometimes there are those apps that are so simple, so basic, so mind-blowingly elementary that they take off and rack up thousands of users, leaving you scratching your head and thinking, "Dear God, what have tweens done to this world?" Enter Yo (free), a new social networking app that became popular this week, racking up $1 million in angel funding and gathering over 50,000 users. 

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The simple push notification app, available on iPhone and Android, sends the single message of "Yo" to users with the tap of a button. The app has been compared to a modern day pager or a updated version of Facebook Poke. It may be simple, and it may seem pointless, but it is certainly poised to be the next "big thing." With this prediction, I wanted to be the first to establish some lingo for the newbie app. 

Yo Lingo: 

1. Uh-yo

Probably the most common reason a Yo is sent, an uh-yo is an accidental Yo. The uh-yo mostly affects people with fat fingers and creates an awkward situation depending on who you send it to. 

2. Yo-yo

A yo-yo is a one-to-one yo exchange. Your friend sends a Yo, you respond -- simple as that. 

3. Yopocalypse 

Best performed at 1 a.m. on a close friend as they are just falling asleep, the yopocalypse is when you send upwards of 50 yos. This can create massive panic attacks and cause one to throw a phone into the next room. 

4. Yo-Yo Ma

This is when your mom joins Yo (like she has every other social media network) and insists on Yo-ing you every day. When this happens, you should immediately delete the app. No questions asked. 


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Cody Permenter is a writer and marketing professional from Houston, Texas. He currently works for The Black Sheep Agency, a caused-based creative marketing agency, and has written for publications like The Daily Dot and USA TODAY. His specialties include social media, mobile technology and convincing people that Millennials aren’t so bad after all. Follow Cody on Twitter: <a href="">@somecody</a>.