Teens Head to Apple Store and Bend the Display iPhone 6 Plus

Yes, you read that headline right.

A pair of teenagers in England went to an Apple store and bent the display iPhone 6 Plus. Even with the force of teen hands, you can see the screen pop out of the front of the phone. 

The video has since been removed from the user's account, but since this is the internet, their attempt was recorded and put back on YouTube. Check it out below:

Don't do this at home. Or in the Apple Store. Or anywhere. These teens have taken full responsibility for their actions, offering to pay to replace phone. Click here for their apology video.

This "bendgate" scandal has gotten a lot of coverage since the iPhone 6 Plus was released. However, Apple and studies by Consumer Reports show that this phone is tougher than past iPhone models, despite customer reports that iPhones are bending in people's pockets (after customers sit on them, that is).

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