Review: The Glimpse App and Widget

Do you find yourself heading back to the same websites over and over again, especially those which update often? 

Arno Appenzeller has developed a new new app called Glimpse ($2.99) that let's you see all your favorite websites in one quick glance. Once you download the app, you can add web pages into it that will then show up as a widget in your Today view, located in your Notification Center. 

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Once you add webpages to Glimpse you can choose how often you want them to refresh at intervals between 15 minutes and 24 hours. This saves battery life and data. Pages can also be added through the "Share" arrow when browsing in Safari. Here, I use iPhone Life as example. If you have added multiple websites you can easily toggle between them with arrows instead of having a long list.

Glimpse in the notification center  Glimpse on safari

This app is especially useful for those of us who are always heading back to the same webpage. Don't have a news subscription? Add your favorite news site as a widget and get updates whenever you choose. Need to know if the ice rink is closed due to inclement weather? I do, so I added the homepage in my Today menu in Apple's Notification Center. 

Tapping on the widget lets you refresh the site, even if you set your widget to refresh every eight hours like I did. Tapping on the widget also provides an easy way to launch websites without having them take up space as a home screen app

Even though I was given a free promo code for Glimpse, I would buy it in a heartbeat! It also works for iPad. So don't be tied to Safari, just open Notification Center by swiping down from the top of your screen to get a glimpse of your favorite websites.

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