FullContact Lets You Sync Contacts and Eliminate Duplicates

If you’re like me, you have contacts everywhere—on your iPhone, in Gmail, and all over social media. But what if you have duplicates?

FullContact (free) is an easy way to manage your contacts with a simple syncing mechanism. When you sign up for its service (online or on your iPhone/iPad), FullContact will find and sync all your contacts together in one place and clean up the duplicate entries.

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To start, you have to set up an account and let FullContact catalog your contact list. For me, this took a while (probably because I have so many contacts) and I had to restart it a couple times because it failed to sync.

But once it managed to wrangle all my contacts, it worked perfectly.

Another cool feature is that FullContact will not only sync email addresses and hold 5,000 contacts, it will integrate social profiles, too. So when I go into my own contact card, I can see not only my Twitter handle, but a few of my latest tweets. This could be helpful when I'm trying to remember someone from my contacts—or trying to remember why they ended up in there in the first place!

The free option gives you the power to sync a few accounts and integrate social media channels, but the paid version gives you more storage for more contacts and the ability to sync multiple Google Accounts. I tested the free version, which was enough for my personal contacts.



  • The app is simple and easy to use. Just make sure you allow FullContact all the permissions it needs to run properly.
  • The desktop version runs smoothly, too, and syncs with the app.


  • It took a couple tries to integrate all my contacts in correctly (but it did work eventually)

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a third-party contact app, this one does the trick!


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