Review: BreakingSports app

Sports addict? Live-tweet addict? Don’t have time to spend scrolling through Twitter for live-tweets of your favorite sports games?

Then BreakingSports (free) is for you. It combines notifications from your favorite NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL, and NCAA Basketball teams from different Twitter accounts, making it a completely unique way to digest sports news. The app also lets you subscribe to different players and receive notifications for injuries, suspensions, lineup changes, roster changes, scores, stats, rumors, trending stories, and headlines. 

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From the app, you can decide to receive important, interesting, or all notifications with a single toggle, or customize your experience by just allowing notifications for scores, for example.

If you have notifications on, get ready for the noise. I didn’t realize how loud the notification sound would be, but you do have the option for silent notifications from the “subscriptions” section. 

If you do have a bit of time, but not enough time to check all the Twitter profiles you usually check, you can quickly browse the “Feed” in the app to see what’s going on for the teams you subscribe to. You can also subscribe to specific games that are going on in your favorite league, just so you know who your team will have to play next!

Breaking Sports also has an Apple Watch app, which has a similar format as the app, delivering information to your wrist. Be prepared for the notifications to flood in!




  • Just set your alerts and watch them roll in. It’s easy to turn them off from the “scores” section of the app if you don't need notifications one day, for example.
  • You don’t just have the option to follow sports teams and players from the leagues in the app, but games that are going on that aren’t being played by your favorite teams. So, I've been following specific play-off hockey games since my team didn't make it to the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
  • It's very easy to set up, and there are a lot of notification choices.


  • The sports leagues are limited, but after talking with the people over at BreakingSports, they told me they're rolling out motorsports (Indy, NASCAR, Formula 1) this month. Soccer and college football are also coming up in new releases of the app (date TBA).
  • There can be a lot of notifications, which can be overwhelming, but change your experience in the "filters" menu in the app to tailor it to your needs.

Final Verdict:

Overall, the app is easy to use and set up, and changing settings is easy as well. It’s pretty essential for the sports fan on the go who can’t check scores every second of the day. It’s also a little better than league-centric apps or ESPN apps. 

iPhone Life Rating: 4 out of 5 stars 
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