Duet Display App Half-Price (Do Yourself a Favor and Buy It!)

Let me start by saying Duet Display is the most expensive app I've ever bought (on sale for $7.99), but is worth every penny. Duet Display is on sale because it's featured in the App Store this week under the productivity section. So, since I'm a sucker for productivity apps (maybe it's the illusion of productivity they give me!) and it is on sale, I figured I'd buy it to try it out. The concept is simple: the app allows your iPad or iPhone (iOS 7.0+) to be an extended display for your Mac (OSX 10.9+). Just install some software, restart your computer, and plug in your iPad to your Mac. It's as simple as that.

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BUT HOLY MACKERAL, IT'S AMAZING. Did I mention it's amazing? I streamed from a browser on my iPad while working on Adobe inDesign, answering e-mail, and writing this review. There was no lag in my Mac's main screen, or on the iPad, despite streaming video. The app website and description guarantee no lag. And boy, were they right. I guess that's what you get when you put ex-Apple developers in a room together!

The coolest feature is the ability to use your finger to navigate the screen on your iPad. You can use your finger. On your OSX display. On your iPad or iPhone. Who would have ever thought that would be possible?

You have to keep your iPad or iPhone plugged into your computer for Duet Display to work. That could be a problem for some, but look into an iPad stand to keep on your desk.

I would have spent $15 on the app had I known how great it is. Buy it. You won't regret it, and you'll get so much more done! You may even be as excited as me.

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