#BendGate Continues with New iPad Air 2

"Today I'm going to test what you all ask yourself."

Really, Marvin from Germany? Do we all ask ourselves if our brand spankin' new, shiny, expensive electronics will bend? Personally, I think #BendGate has gotten a little out of hand. Check out the video below:

It likely bends because of new features. According to Apple, it's 6 mm thin and weighs less than a pound, due to the new fully-aluminum frame. It's also likely that Apple's use of more sustainable design, like recycled aluminum, creates a less substantial product.

However, this doesn't mean that people should be trying to bend their new devices. Rather, they should protect them. We all love our Apple products, or else we wouldn't be on this site! I love my iPad Air, and will likely trade it in or wait until next year for the newer model. I will not, however, be damaging my devices. If you want to protect yours, check out these iPhone Life-curated iPad cases.

At least Marvin did one thing right — he disabled YouTube comments.

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