Apple Watch App Round-Up: DataMan, TripIt, Glimpse, and Batting Average

Many apps have been updated to provide an Apple Watch version since the watch started shipping last week! Here's a roundup of a few apps that have released their Watch version. To download Apple Watch apps, open the Apple Watch app and tap Featured to view and purchase Apple Watch compatible apps. If you have automatic downloads enabled in the Apple Watch app (My Watch > General > Automatic Downloads > Automatically Download Apps), you won't have to do anything else in order to have the app show up on your watch. Otherwise, under My Watch, scroll down to and tap on the app icon and toggle Show App on Apple Watch on.

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DataMan: Since my last review of DataMan ($1.99), I’ve used the app constantly. DataMan Next provides information about your data use in an easy-to-use format without using data itself – it gets the information from your phone. DataMan paints a pictures of exactly how much data you’re using, including sending and receiving, as well as how much “data” you use on wi-fi. The app also comes with a widget that provides a stopwatch you can use to see how much data it takes to watch a video or browse Facebook, for example. It’s extremely useful!

And now they have an Apple Watch app that provides the same service! You can check on your used and remaining amounts of data from the “Glances” menu on your Apple Watch.

TripIt: Are you always losing your reservation e-mails in your endless inbox? TripIt (free) can help by providing an easy way to keep track of your trip. Just forward all your trip e-mails to and the monkeys behind the service will put all of your items – including hotel confirmations, flight numbers, rental car receipts, and other travel related expenses – into a streamlined view in the app, easily accessible online or offline.

As with DataMan, TripIt’s Apple Watch app is very similar. Just send along your reservations and save them to your account. Then, your travel details will be on your watch to see at quick-glance. TripIt also uses Apple Watch alerts, so users will get a vibration alert on the wrist with updated flight or check-in information, for example (TripIt Pro has for real-time flight tracking).

Glimpse: Do you find yourself heading back to the same websites over and over again, especially those which update often? Glimpse ($2.99) can help with that. The iPhone app provides a snapshot of websites via an iPhone widget in the “Today” view of your notification center.

Now with the watch app, you can give a quick glance to your wrist and refresh an Apple Watch-sized section of your favorite website.

BONUS: Batting Average: Batting Average ($1.99 at launch, $2.99 regularly), an Apple Watch app that tracks your batting workout, hasn’t hit shelves yet. But when it does, you’ll be able to track every swing, strike,  and hit through two modes: game and practice. Check out the promotional video below. Batting Average should be in the store in June.

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