The Uncluttered iPhone (How to See Your Wallpaper)

Like many iPhone fans, I downloaded iOS 7 the day it was released. And I know I am not alone in having fallen in love with it. And with iOS 7 came a whole plethora of great features and upgrades. Now, users can finally have an uncluttered iPhone.

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How to have an uncluttered iPhone

Prior to iOS 7, iPhone users were restricted to the number of apps they could put into a folder. But with iOS 7, that restriction has been lifted. Now, you are free to hide as many (or all) of your apps you want. As you hide your apps, you will discover two things:

  1. A clean, uncluttered iPhone screen
  2. Your wallpaper

How to put your apps into one folder

Apple has made this very easy. 

  • Press and hold any icon you want to move until it starts to shake.
  • Then while holding the icon, drag it onto any other icon. You have just created a folder.
  • Now repeat this process until you have all the icons you want to move into this folder.
  • To rename a folder (I have mine labeled as Apps), press on the folder to open it and then press and hold on the current folder name until the icons in the folder start to shake. At this point, you will a X next to the current folder name. Click this X to erase the current folder name, enter a new folder name, press Done and then click the Home button. Your folder will have the new name.

How to access your apps

Now that you have all (or most) of your apps in a folder, you may be wondering how you can access them. I mean, besides having to open the folder and scroll through all your apps. This is where you use the powerful search feature on the iPhone.

How to search for things on your iPhone

Press and hold any place on your screen where there is not an app and then drag your finger down quickly. Down comes the search field. From here, you just type in the name of the app you are looking for. When you first use this feature, the app you are searching for may or may not be returned to the top of the results screen. But the more you use the search, your iPhone will begin returning better results.

For example, I use the app, WeatherBug (free) and when I first searched for it, the app was listed far down the results. But now that I have searched for it several times, when I just type “bug,” it is the first result returned.

I love the retina display on my iPhone and I like to see the wallpaper rather than just icons. So, I have taken a very minimalist approach. I have 56 apps installed on my iPhone. Not counting the four icons at the bottom of my screen, I have three icons on my home screen and on the screen to the right, I have a single folder (Apps) where every other app is stored. Accessing any app on my iPhone is incredibly easy to find thanks to the search feature and now I can enjoy my wallpaper.

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