Will iWork Help Apple Catch up to Office?

With all of the new hardware changes announced at today's Apple keynote, the newest updates to the company's popular iWork apps have a very good chance of slipping by the wayside—at least for now. After all, when there are new iPads with fancy Retina displays, who really cares about word processing or making an advanced slideshow? Well, the answer, dear reader, is you. Here's why:

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For starters, the most impressive feature of the new iWork apps is collaboration. Working on a document with a partner who is across the nation is now much easier, as the project may be edited in real time. I firmly believe this will greatly enhance the productivity of offices, publications, and other users. In addition the the specific collaboration feature mentioned above, Apple completely redesigned iWork for all devices. The apps are now more iOS 7 friendly and, if the pictures Apple used prove accurate, look fantastic. As I type this story in the old Pages for iPad, I already long for the new and improved version. One of the most exciting features for me is the ability to change the font and appearance on the on-screen keyboard, something that will greatly speed up the process of creating.

Finally, I believe you should care because Apple is really starting to focus on these apps. The keynote today really focused on software and it seemed that Apple was trying really hard to make these attractive. No matter your opinion of Apple, the company has proved to be creative and hard-working, and the dedication to improving iWork is interesting; the advancement of word-processing and graph-making may not seem exciting, but both these things along with other functions of iWork are the things people do every day at work.

All of the iWork apps are available for free on Mac, PC (through iCloud), and iOS devices. This availability could greatly increase the usage of these productivity services, helping Apple catch up to the Office platform. While I have yet to really get ahold of the new apps and begin tinkering around with them, I am excited to see the simplicity and smoothness that Apple has talked about.

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Jake Underwood is a high school senior, an award-winning journalist, and the editor of his school newspaper. Well known for his opinions and interest in Apple, Jake's knowledge is based around the iPhone and iPad. He likes to help people around his community with their iDevice and iOS problems.