Why People Are Wrong About the iPhone 5c

As an avid Apple follower, I've seen and heard it all lately. Many respected technology sites are praising the iPhone 5s for its new camera, fingerprint scanner, and faster chip. They are saying that the phone is so much better than its younger sibling, the 5c, that it puts the poor phone to shame. 

These experts, analysts, and Apple watchers are wrong. So wrong that it offends me.

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I am a high school senior. My generation was the first to adopt Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. We have used computers all our lives. Many of us have had a cellphone since elementary school. We tend to have a big influence on what is popular, and still no one asks us what we think. Therefore, I want to share three reasons why I believe the 5c will be a huge hit.

1. The iPhone comes in pink

I feel genuinely sorry for the parents of girls between the ages of about 8-16. Not only are children and teens persuasive and demanding, they also tend to get what they want if they ask for it enough. Apple is very aware of this and a pink iPhone will be a huge hit with the young crowd. For only $99 with a contract, the device is not a deal-breaker for Christmas; yet it can do all the things a regular smartphone can do, and so much more. Expect to hear something similar to this around the holiday season: "But Daddy, all my friends have one."

2. The phone is cheap.

It is really hard to jump on an Apple-following site and not see someone complaining that the iPhone 5c is too expensive. As a 17-year-old kid without a job, $200 is quite the expense. Cut that in half, however, and it's pretty manageable. Fall is rolling around, and raking leaves is something that many teens my age can do to make some money. After a few sessions, the $100 can be pocketed and taken to the Apple Store for a new phone (with an upgrade or new contract).

3. The 5c is running iOS 7

Here is a task for you, dear reader. Log into Twitter if you have an account and search iOS 7. Go back about six days and then see what people think. What you will find are teens with extremely long, interesting handles (most of which are about Justin Bieber or One Direction) going on and on about how excited they are about iOS 7. The majority of young people I have spoken with really enjoy the new software. In fact, the fondness actually contradicts the complaints that it's too flat or colorful. The new design is trending and Apple has done right to change it.


In all reality, Apple knows what it's doing with the 5c. The tech giant is definitely targeting the younger demographic, and it is getting the response it wants. Over the next few months, I think sales of the 5c will surprise all the doubters and become a huge success.

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Jake Underwood is a high school senior, an award-winning journalist, and the editor of his school newspaper. Well known for his opinions and interest in Apple, Jake's knowledge is based around the iPhone and iPad. He likes to help people around his community with their iDevice and iOS problems.