Recognized Gives Rewards for Users Who Share Employee Reviews

Your waitress retained her radiant smile the whole 30 minutes you spent making up your mind, never showing any hints of impatience after you changed your order for the umpteenth time and was absolutely helpful with your two-year old in the high chair.

For those times when you feel a tip is not enough, don't you wish you had a way to give employees who go the extra mile the commendation they deserve?

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Or have you ever received such bad customer service that you simply had to let that person's manager know so other customers did not have to go through the same horrible experience?

An iPhone app called Recognized gives consumers a channel for giving feedback to business owners about their customer service experience. Unlike rants posted through social media sites, customers' feedback will not fall on deaf ears and can be truly used to improve employee performance and the business.

What's great with Recognized is that, in addition to providing consumers an avenue to vent or to commend, the app that gives them discounts and other savings.

Upon launching Recognized from your iPhone, it will load businesses within your area and you can then select the one you for which you would like to leave feedback. After that it will show you a list of their employees and you can proceed in rating him or her on three factors: attitude, speed, and knowledge.


If the employee is not listed, you can add the individual by providing their first name (required), last name (optional), and position (optional).

With these few easy steps, your rating will be routed to the business owners so they can use your feedback to improve their business by using this data for coaching employees, or motivating their staff by letting them know they are doing a superb job. It nips bad behavior in the bud, but reinforces and maintains positive and excellent performance, which can be translated to better consumer experience the moment you come back.


Recognized is an app worth checking out, for customers and business owners alike. All reviews are confidential and there is certainly no catch.

Recognized is free and can be downloaded in the App Store.

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