How to Delete Digits in the Calculator App

 How to Delete Digits in the Calculator App

You know when you're entering a long number in your iPhone's Calculator app and you mistype a digit or two? You don't actually have to hit clear and start over. While there isn’t a backspace button visible, this hidden trick will do the same thing. Here’s how to delete digits in the calculator app.

  • Open the Calculator app (you can swipe up and open Control Center for quick access.)

  • Type in a number.

  • To delete individual digits, swipe over the numbers (left or right, it doesn't matter which direction.) Each swipe will delete another digit until your reach zero. (In which case, you probably should have skipped all that swiping and just hit clear.)

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Am I the only person who wonders why Apple didn't just include a backspace button? Nonetheless, this tip makes a huge difference if you use the calculator app often.


Bonus Tip: Need a scientific calculator? Turn your iPhone to landscape mode, making sure orientation lock is off, and watch your calculator's abilities magically expand! Here’s our tip on that for more information. 

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