CES Jan. 6 Highlights: Pepcom's Digital Experience

Although International CES 2014 didn't officially start until today, Monday night was the big kickoff for the press because that's when Pepcom held their big Digital Experience electronics extravaganza.

iPhone Life bloggers found much to geek out over: 

Becca Ludlum sought out the top Pepcom offerings for the teens in your life.

Nate Adcock was blown away by all the wireless tech he saw last night at Pepcom from smartwatches and fitness bands to a wireless basketball. There were also a few non-wireless things that caught Nate's eye.

 Best of Pepcom's Digital Experience

Siva Om also saw some things he really liked at Pepcom, from an iOS-compatible 1TB hard drive, to some awesome gaming and audio devices. Check out the whole list HERE

Other highlights from last night included the announcement of a cool bendable TV from Samsung. Transformers director Michael Bay took the stage to give his endorsement, but quickly exited after the teleprompter malfunctioned, which was not exactly the kind of stir Samsung was hoping to create. Other companies showed off their unbendable 4K flat screen TVs, including some that have integrated the Roku smart TV platform directly into the set. 

Pebble Steel is trimmer than its predecessor and comes in two flavors:

Pebble released a new generation smartwatch called the Pebble Steel. The newest iteration looks good, but the $100 price jump to $249 means the Steel is not exactly a steal. 

And finally, Corning announced a solution to the fact that we're all disgusting and every time we swipe our smartphone screens, we leave a trail of germs and filth. Corning's new Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass 3 is infused with ions of silver, which is apparently naturally antibacterial, meaning our future smartphone screens won't be quite so germ laden. The antimicrobial glass probably won't do much for the filthy fingers doing the swiping though. For that you'll have to go the low tech route and wash your hands.

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