Top 5 Super Bowl Apps

I'm not your stereotypical woman when it comes to watching football. Instead of dreading football season, I sit next to my husband on the couch every Sunday watching the game, sometimes even yelling louder than he is.

This football season has even been more fun for me, since my favorite team is playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday. I live in Colorado, so take a guess who I'm rooting for!

If you're also a football fan and are as excited about the big game as I am, you might want to download some apps to enjoy the experience even more.

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Here are five Super Bowl apps to check out.

1. NFL Mobile (free)

NFL Mobile is my favorite football app. It features breaking news, video highlights, live game scores, and custom news for your favorite team. The best thing about the app is that you can watch the big game live from your iDevice if you are a Verizon customer. You must sign up and the cost is $5 for the live feed. 


2. Super Bowl XLVIII - NFL Official Program (free)

This app features everything you need to know about the two teams playing in the Super Bowl—the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks. It also has video highlight recaps for every week of the 2013 season. The 288-page commemorative program also includes images and information from every previous Super Bowl. See animated starting lineups and MetLife Stadium renderings and view real-time Twitter and Instagram feeds. This app seems to have it all.


3. Super Football Trivia: Unofficial Super Bowl Edition (free)

This app challenges you to put your football knowledge to the test. There are nearly 300 questions about various teams, games, players, and stats. It includes trivia for past Super Bowls and the best Super Bowl commercials.


4. Seahawks Mobile (free)

This is the official app for the Seattle Seahawks. See real-time statistics for every drive in the Super Bowl, watch video clips of player interviews and press conferences, and follow pre- and post-game blog posts.


5. Denver Broncos Mobile (free)

The official app of the Denver Broncos features real-time breaking news, Broncos' official tweets, and video-on-demand clips of press conferences, and coach and player interviews. Get drive-by-drive and player stats, along with audio podcasts and a photo gallery of game-time action.



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Paula is a freelance media broadcaster and journalist. She enjoys life at home with her husband, two kids, two dogs, two cats and a parrot. Her iPhone is never more than two feet away from her and she can't imagine life without it.