Five Apps to Help Bored Travelers

My family will soon be headed for vacation. We are flying to our destination with several connecting flights, so there will be plenty of sitting around in airports and on the planes.

I'm happy to be going on vacation, but I have to admit I absolutely hate to travel. I am not crazy about flying (which is unfortunate because I'm married to an airline pilot).

I get bored sitting for long periods of time and I'm not much of a people watcher.

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My kids are now teenagers, so it's not necessary for me to entertain them anymore.

So what's a traveler, who dislikes traveling, to do?

I plan on wasting some time on Facebook and Twitter, but here are some other favorite apps I will be using:

1. Zinio (free) - I love this app! For $5 a month I get what's called a Z-pass. Basically it's digital subscriptions to three magazines. I can swap up to three titles every month and add extra magazines for $1.50 more. I can also download back issues of magazines for an extra cost (I'll be stocking up on Bicycling magazines before we go.) Make sure you include iPhone Life as one of your magazines.


2. USA Today (free) - You don't need a subscription to read articles and view videos on this app. Just like the paper version, you can access different sections such as Life, Travel, or Tech. It doesn't have every article that's available in the actual paper, but there's enough to keep you busy for awhile. It also has a crossword puzzle each day to test your knowledge. The digital version even lets you know when you have a word wrong.

3. Flow Free (free) - This app drives me absolutely crazy, and it's one of my favorites. You connect matching colors with pipe to create a "flow." Pair all colors and cover the entire board to solve each puzzle.


4. iHeart Radio (free) - The downside to this app is that you need an Internet connection; but for sitting around in airports with free Wi-Fi, it's perfect. I can choose stations to listen to from all over the country from Huntsville to Honolulu. One reason I like this app is because it gives me the ability to listen to one of my favorite personalities, Elvis Duran and his morning show. It's always good for a laugh. 


5. Photo Editor by Aviary (free) - On the return trip home, I plan to edit many of the photos I took. Crop a section here, add some color there; it's easy to use. With Aviary, I have many editing choices. There are filters, stickers, and frames, and touch-up features for red-eye and blemish removal. The New York Times even chose Aviary as one of the best apps for iOS 7. 


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Paula is a freelance media broadcaster and journalist. She enjoys life at home with her husband, two kids, two dogs, two cats and a parrot. Her iPhone is never more than two feet away from her and she can't imagine life without it.