How to Protect and Repair your iPhone

If you’re a true Apple fanatic, chances are you know by now about the speculated release date for iPhone 5S, and you’ve already got your sleeping bag and tent ready for your place in the queue. Whether you’re going to be first in line, or you’re sticking with an older version of the iPhone, you’re probably still keen to keep your smartphone as pristine as possible.

A good case will help protect your iPhone from bumps and scrapes, but there are some things that they won’t prevent. Water damage or a smashed screen are two of the worst problems you can encounter, so the best idea is to try your hardest to avoid them completely with theses tips and tricks for keeping your iPhone in tip-top condition.

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1. Liquid Damage


The mother of all iPhone worries, liquid damage is probably the worst thing that can happen to your iPhone. Whether you’ve knocked your latte over and drowned it in coffee, your toddler has used it for target practice with the toilet, or you’ve simply dropped it in a puddle, an iPhone that has suffered from total submersion is always a worry.

Prevention, as they say, is better than cure, so it’s a good idea to protect your iPhone as thoroughly as possible. If liquid damage is a real risk for you, an ordinary phone case might not be enough—plastic covers with eye-catching graphics are well and good, but they’re hardly going to stop the water getting in. If you’re someone who spends a lot of time near the water, the Overboard Waterproof Case ($27.41) is the one and only accessory you need to buy; 100 percent waterproof, submersible to 19 feet, and with front and back transparent windows. You can use your iPhone as you ordinarily would but without risking its safety. If you don’t fancy carrying your iPhone around in a waterproof bag all the time, and want something a little more permanent, send it away to have a Liquipel (from $60) coating applied all over. The unique technology works by covering your phone in a nano coating that surrounds every single tiny part in and around the device and makes the whole thing entirely waterproof. With the added bonus that it’s completely invisible to the human eye, you’ll be able to keep your iPhone looking sleek and stylish while staying safe in the knowledge that it’s protected.

If all else fails, and you do find yourself the unlucky victim of a liquid-damaged iPhone, resist the urge to try to turn it oninstead contact a reliable iPhone repairs company.


2. A Smashed or Cracked Screen

There’s nothing more irritating than a smashed or cracked iPhone screen; while it doesn’t make the phone a complete write-off, it can leave it pretty unusable. After all, it’s hardly going to be easy to see to text or browse the internet when half the screen has been shattered.

A bumper case or full cover can help protect your iPhone from knocks and bumps, but it’s not going to save the screen once your hands turn to jelly after a few too many drinks on a Friday night. To take extra precaution, look for a specialist screen protector, such as ClearPlex (from $14.99). Made from a formula that was originally designed to protect windshields on racing cars, ClearPlex is said to make your phone 39 percent more break resistant. With the ability to protect your iPhone from scratches, dents, and smudges, a ClearPlex screen protector might be the best investment you make this year.

If the worst does happen, and you find yourself glumly staring down at a smashed iPhone screen, contact a reputable iPhone repairs company for help. This type of repair can be complex and difficult, so it pays to choose a firm that specializes in fixing and replacing screens. Before you commit, make sure you enquire about the type of parts they usethe best companies only use original Apple parts, or an alternative of the highest quality; if they opt for cheaper parts then steer clear.

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