Top 5 iPhone Cases to Match Your Style

When you have a brand new iPhone, the first thing you’ll want to do is protect it from any possible accidents or knocks—there’s nothing worse than scratching the screen a few days after buying it. There are literally thousands of different styles of iPhone cases on the market, from colorful geometric patterns to retro printed hard shells to soft leather sleeves. It can be hard to decide which one is for you. To make that decision a little bit easier, we’ve compiled a list of our five top favorites.

1. The Retro Look

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If you’re into everything vintage and retro, you’re going to love The iPhone Rangefinder by ($55). More than just an iPhone case, this is a complete iPhoneography system comprising a shutter button, tripod mount, viewfinder, and magnetic lenses to completely transform your photographic experiences with your iPhone. Along with having the appearance of an old-school style camera, the Rangefinder protects your iPhone from scrapes and scratches and manages to combine practicality with an aesthetically pleasing retro design.


2. Eco-friendly

While a lot of iPhone cases are made of plastic and are shipped from overseas, if you’re keen to help the environment, you can find a few alternative optionsThe Grove Bamboo Case for the iPhone 4/4s ($79) is made entirely from renewable bamboo and is manufactured from start to finish in Portland, Ore. Sanded by hand and rubbed with citrus oil, these artisan phone cases manage to be both beautiful and eco-friendly and are available either embellished with Artist Series engravings or simply left plain.


3. The Classic

If you love classic, high-quality design, then you’ll find the perfect iPhone case at Mulberry – the leaders in timeless, sleek leather accessory design. The Oak Natural Leather iPhone Cover ($140) is simplicity at its best, combining the traditional embossed Mulberry tree logo with beautiful, hard-wearing leather, to give you an iPhone case that will stand the test of time.


4. Recycled

If you’re keen to recycle as much as possible and like to limit your consumption levels, then you’ll love the Case-Mate rPet 100% Recycled Plastic Case ($15). Available in four different colors, each case is made from one plastic bottle’s worth of recycled material and keeps that extra little bit of rubbish out of the landfill. The translucent material allows you to see more of your iPhone, while the hard-wearing plastic shell prevents any knocks or scrapes, all while helping to reduce wastage.


5. Functional

While most iPhone cases are simply designed to keep your iPhone safe—and perhaps make it look more colorful or sleek— the ReadyCase Multifunctional iPhone case ($40) takes accessorizing to the next level. Featuring an amazing array of extras, such as the removable multi-tool, 4GB or 8GB USB drive, kickstand with three settings, and headphone clip, the ReadyCase turns your iPhone into a helpful tool you can use in any situation.

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