Bored with Your iPhone? Read this Before Choosing an Early Upgrade

Technology is developing so quickly it’s hard to keep up with the latest and best mobile phones on the market. As soon as you upgrade, an even better model is released! 

Customizing your iPhone is easy and it isn’t just the outside that can be changed. Here are some simple ideas for customizing your iPhone from the inside before opting for that early upgrade:

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1. Customize Your Icons

Customizing your icons is easy and all you need to do is download the iExplorer app ($34.99), open it and select the app you want to change and follow the instructions and choose one of the icons to change it too. Simple as that!

2. Design Your Own Wallpaper

Your home screen doesn’t have to be a picture; there are loads of wallpapers that will integrate with your home screen, like the ever so popular PacMan board. But you can even design your own cool wallpaper from scratch by using on the many apps on the market that allows you to create your own.


Then we come to the exterior of your iPhone, the most noticeable but simplest way to personalize your handset. Here are some way that’s you can change the outside of your iPhone:

1. Personalize Your Case.

There are many personalised iPhone cases on the market to choose from. If you’ve got something in mind, no matter how random, you’re quite likely to find it somewhere on the Internet. For example, if you’re looking for a bit of “bling” there are many designs that use Swarovski Crystals for that “wow” factor.

If you’re looking for something a bit more personal and want to guarantee no one will have the same case as you, there are many companies that can transfer a personal photograph onto your phone case. offers not only custom cases for your iPhone but also a no-risk trial program for seven days so you can try an assortment of their latest personal cases with minimal risk.  

Remember folks, iPhone cases aren’t just for customizing your iPhone, they are used to protect it too as they reduce the risk of scratching and breaking.

2. Show Some Skin

Phone cases can be expensive but you need not worry; if your budget doesn’t stretch that far and you still want to personalize the exterior of your phone, you can get a personalized “skin.” Skins don’t offer the same amount of protection as a phone case does, however they do prevent scratches and aren’t as bulky as phone cases can be. There are thousands of designs out there, again if you look for it on the internet you’ll probably find it. Most skins are made from a vinyl material which provides a glossy finish.

As you can see there’s no need to opt for that early upgrade when there are so many ways to customize and personalize the iPhone that you already have.

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