Turn Your Sketches Into Prototypes With AppSeed

AppSeed, a project on Kickstarter, hopes to bridge the gap between digital and handwritten prototypes. Designers could potentially streamline the early stages of designing an app and quickly transition the hand-drawn sketches into a functioning prototype on their iPhone.

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The Toronto-based AppSeed team wants to make it easier to "create, test, and share your ideas." The quick process of turning sketches into functional prototypes allows for more focus on ideas, rather than figuring out how to get it on your device.

AppSeed uses OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library), an open source computer vision and machine learning software library. OpenCV's algorithms can be used for a number of capabilities, including classifying human actions in videos, tracking moving objects, and extracting 3D models of objects.

For AppSeed's purposes, the library will capture your sketched design and identify contained areas of the design and transform them into buttons, maps, streetview, and form text input UI elements.

Designs are captured with your phone's camera. From there, designs are cropped and each element is isolated, giving you the ability to manipulate them.

For visual patterns, OpenCV is used to determine lines and shapes. AppSeed's algorithms are then placed to identify UI elements.

The drawn element is made into a button, ready to be manipulated into several different UI elements, which will be continually updated based on user feedback.

You can test the design on mobile devices and edit each element with Photoshop, through PS Connection. Using a layered Photoshop document, the elements can be edited individually or as a whole.

AppSeed is expected to show up on iOS on release, with a full-featured Kickstarter Edition for contributors. To read more about the project or become a backer, visit the AppSeed Kickstarter page.

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