Runkeeper's Breeze App Tracks Your Every Step

Runkeeper is one of the more notable fitness tracking apps for iPhone. Their latest app, Breeze (Free) keeps track of all of your movements throughout the day, giving you real-time status updates. Using the M7 co-processor found on the iPhone 5s, Breeze monitors daily activity, rather than a specific training session. Not only does it track all of your steps, it also provides personal goals, an analysis of your movements, and notifications for when achievements are reached.

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The app runs in the background without the need for any sort of instructions. As you go about your day, Breeze will let you know how close you are to reaching your goal and offer up summaries on your progress.

The Runkeeper team wanted to find opportunities to avoid sedentary routines. The concept focuses on healthlier lifestyles without actually setting aside time for exercise.

"Even if you’ve always felt like you don’t really have the time to create a fitness routine, Breeze helps you find the hidden opportunities for fitness that are already built into your day, like that long walk you to took to get your lunch, or the steps you’re racking up without realizing while doing your household chores," the company said in a Runkeeper blog.

The company is also quick to point out the features we will see in future updates. Forthcoming versions are expected to include integration with the Runkeeper app, support for other devices, and more personalized guidance.

Compared to other fitness trackers like Nike+ Move and Fitbit, Breeze may seem overly simplistic to fitness junkies. But if you are on a budget, this free app can be an adequate step toward a healthier lifestyle.

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