Polymo: The Organizational Photography App

A new iOS app called Polymo ($1.99) will keep your mobile photos organized before you actually shoot them. Add tags while you take pictures and all of your images will be curated automatically.

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Once your photos are organized to your liking, they can be shared or sorted even further. And with Multi Select, several photos can be edited or tagged at once.

The tags used on images will transition to hashtags when they're shared on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Conversely, Private Mode can be turned on to set up passcode protection if you want that selfie to remain hidden.

The simplistic interface doesn't stop at tagging either. Polymo's camera design is relatively unadulterated, utilizing only a small bank of buttons and an area for tags.

By design, Polymo may work best for those dealing with a substantial photo library (e.g. vacations, graduations). Although, the simplicity of searching and sharing photos can benefit sporadic photographers. 

In its short run on the App Store, Polymo has garnered positive acclaim. It recently appeared on the App Store's "Best New Apps" lineup, and continues to win praise from customers.

There's no shortage of photography-related apps, but Polymo's added emphasis on organization sets it apart from other Photo & Video options. Inspiration for the app was derived from the creators observation that people often spend more time searching for photos rather than enjoying them.

We can expect a few more tweaks in future updates, but you can take a look at the team's support page if you want a better idea of what it has to offer so far.

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