Help Beat Cancer by Playing "Genes in Space"

Mobile gamers will have a chance to help in the cancer research process by playing Play to Cure: Genes In Space (Free), developed by the researchers at Cancer Research UK. While you collect a fictional substance named “Element Alpha,” you’ll also be identifying faults in real genetic data. The data that would normally take scientists hours to analyze can now be compiled by simply playing the game.

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Element Alpha is actually gene microarray data, a technology used for finding damaged DNA. The patterns that are created from players can give scientists a more accurate representation of the data. 

You’ll start the game by mapping your route through areas with the most Element Alpha. As you travel along your route, you’ll have to avoid or destroy asteroids to move on to the next level. After each completed mission, you achieve a rise in rank, along with ship upgrades. And once you’ve accumulated Element Alpha, it can be traded when the market is high or sold immediately for a guaranteed return.

Data analysis is received by scientists when you map your route through the Element Alpha and when you fly your spaceship through the intergalactic space course to collect this substance. The data derived from players can then be used to develop cancer treatments.

To learn more about the game and the development process, visit the Cancer Research UK website or download it from iTunes.

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