Opera Report Finds iOS Still Leading Mobile Advertising

Mobile browser and advertising platform, Opera released its report on media insights for Q2 2013, and iOS continues to lead in impression volume, revenue generation, and monetization.
Opera has seen significant growth since the last report on company benchmarks. Opera Mediaworks previously supported 9,000 sites in Q2 2012, with 35 billion mobile ad impressions per month, but today the company supports 13,000 sites and more than 60 billion impressions per month. In 2012, Opera facilitated $400 million in revenue, jumping to $600 million so far in 2013, supporting nearly 400 million consumers.

The data also shows publisher revenue categories, geographic impressions, seasonal usage, and rich media ads. 
The iOS platform captures nearly 44 percent of all ad impressions and almost half of all revenue. However, Android and iOS are comparable in terms of ad share, capturing roughly 30 percent each.
When considering overall monetization, iOS comes in at about 36 percent of revenue compared with Android’s 28 percent.

Source: Opera

Apple also holds the top spot for mobile device market share, with roughly 43 percent of all impressions served on its devices. Samsung hangs on as the second largest manufacturer, at 17 percent of the total market.
The iPad clearly has the tablet market cornered, garnering 91 percent of tablet device market share. The closest competitor is, once again, Samsung with 6 percent.

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Source: Opera

Trends continue to emerge regarding mobile advertising and what continues to be the most effective ads on mobile devices. While Apple continues to triumph in mobile advertising market share, we can expect constant changes by Opera and mobile manufacturers in future advertising programs.

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