Noted is a Simple Gesture-Based Note-Taking App for iOS

The Tack Mobile team wanted to create an app with effortless note-taking capabilities. The final product is Noted (Free), a straightforward, gesture-based note app that derives inspiration from the simplicity of sticky notes.

You can find several note-taking apps on iTunes, but Noted tries to keep distracting interface elements to a minimum. Instead, gestures are used as shortcuts, with most of the actions only involving a finger swipe or two.

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You pull down on the interface to create a note, swipe to the side to view existing notes, or pinch to see the entire list. And once you are finished with a note, it can be deleted with a two-finger swipe that "shreds" the document like a piece of paper. 

Noted doesn't rely on "images, tags, markdown, an extended keyboard, etc." By concentrating on the note's content, tasks are boiled down to a more basic level.

The Noted team will address other features that some users want to see implemented, like device sync and landscape view. But, for right now, they are focused on delivering a polished experience.

While you won't see many of the characteristics found in other to-do list apps, for a quick and easy way to capture your thoughts, Noted is an excellent alternative.


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