HopTo Brings Cloud-Based Office Editing to iPad

Back in October, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said Office would eventually make its way to iPad when there's a touch first user interface. Although, we'll have to wait for the touch first interface to be rolled out on Windows 8 first, and it's hard to tell when it will be completed.

Other Office editors exist, but native applications for the iPad are hard to come by. A few options include Office Mobile for iPhone, Office Web Apps within a browser, or a third-party document editor like Office² (Free).

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HopTo (Free) hopes to make the process easier, by offering a cloud-based productivity suite with a multi-tasking user interface. The app lets iPad users create Word documents and Excel Spreadsheets, while also making PowerPoint presentations viewable.

With cloud access from Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive, users can search for documents and make edits from anywhere. The "personal cloud" is a centralized access network consisting of your documents, files, and Office applications.

When a Word document or Excel spreadsheet is opened, a toolbar displays options for formatting and editing. You can then use many of the same functions and commands you'd see in Office for Mac and PC.

Other media saved on your PC or on the cloud can also be saved or inserted into documents. So far, supported file types include pictures (PNG, JPG, and JPEG formatsread only), videos (mp4, mov), Audio files (mp3), PDF documents (read only), and text files (read only).

Features you can expect in future releases of HopTo include copy/paste between HopTo and other apps, editable PowerPoint presentations, and additional support from other cloud services. You can learn more about the app on the HopTo website.

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