Foursquare Launches the Friend-Focused Swarm App

The Foursquare team hinted at impending changes to their check-in app back in early May. The resulting app, called Swarm, provides a quick and easy way to check in with friends who are nearby.

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A common complaint from users centered around the inability to connect with friends from the app. With Swarm (free), you can see if any of your friends are in neighboring areas and send a note asking if they want to grab lunch.

If you intend to make a plan, simply type a message such as "who wants to go the concert this weekend?" and any friend within the city will be able to respond. "Neighborhood sharing" can be turned on to share your location and, of course, turned off if you want your whereabouts to remain private.

A history of your past check-ins will also be readily available. Jump over to your profile and search for any city, person or place to find what you're looking for.

Some of the traditional gaming components like leaderboards and achievements were deemed unnecessary and mostly done away with. Instead, mayorships are reserved for those in your circle of friends, and are based on how recently someone has visited a particular location.

The Foursquare app remains untampered with, at least for the time being. In keeping with the team's desire to undergo a transformation, a new version is set to be released later this summer, focusing on personalized discovery.

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