Disney Compiles 90 years of Film for Disney Animated iPad App

Fans of Disney will get a behind-the-scenes look at all 53 of Disney's animated films with Disney Animated ($13.99), the company's newest iPad app. Disney Interactive, Touch Press, and Walt Disney Animation Studios compiled animation clips, images, and 3D projections spanning 90 years.
Along with never-before-seen artwork from classic Disney movies, the app will also include a preview of the upcoming release Frozen, expected in November. Users are given the chance to animate Elsa's snow, a short clip of the film.

You can also play with the rigging workshop, another interactive component of the app. Using Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph, you can create 3D animations and share via social media and email.
The Color Map is a collection of thumbnail images showing every single scene used in 52 of Disney's feature films. It plays music from each individual film as you scroll through the catalog.
“We had to look at each scene, multiple frame units at a time, and figure out what the dominant colors were, and then bring those together into one line in the Color Map,” said Theo Gray, co-author of the app. “Any patch of color in the frame will end up as a patch of color in the color map in direct proportion.”
The artifacts include a Pinocchio maquette, uncovered after being in a closed cabinet for nearly five decades, Hyacinth the Hippo from Fantasia, and Ursula from The Little Mermaid.
Concept art, trailers, and storyboards are featured in a book, showcasing some of the animation principles behind the movies. Animated characters, moving text, clips and development art are shown throughout the pages.
Disney Animated is the company's most expensive app to date, at $13.99. The app is currently available for iPad, and can be found on iTunes.
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