Cannonball Wants to Turn Email into a "Visual Activity"


Sorting your email messages can be tedious, but Cannonball (free) hopes to turn the process into a more "visual activity." The app will join the ranks of other popular email clients, like Mailbox (free) and AltaMail ($4.99).

Cannonball seeks to utilize the iPad's touchscreen experience to create a more intuitive inbox display. With up-to-date categories and sorting features, your inbox becomes easier to maintain.

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While Mailbox, Altamail and other email managment apps are seemingly "inbox zero" apps, Cannonball focuses on separating messages based on priority. By removing clutter, essential messages can be found quickly and easily.

“Today’s offerings focus on the mythical goal of ‘inbox zero’ rather than focusing on how email could be engaging and enjoyable,” said Raffaele Colella, one of Cannonball’s founders. “Our personal inboxes have become a mess of messages with no sense of control and we want to change that. Cannonball’s mission is to make the inbox not only less cluttered, but also visually appealing so that users really do fall in love with email again.”

Emails are automatically sorted based on importance, removing newsletters, coupons, and other promotions from the rest of your inbox. Promotional messages show up in the right column as visual icons, which can be shared with contacts or deleted in bulk.

You will receive notifications for important emails, whereas coupons and newsletter are marked as "read" for later viewing. By dragging and dropping specific emails in certain sections, the app learns your organizational preferences.

To streamline your personal preferences even further, the search function within the app anticipates what you may be searching for. Instead of typing keywords or names, the app predicts what you might be searching for without having to type anything at all.

While the app is only available to Gmail users with the initial release, support for Yahoo, iCloud, AOL, and accounts will be added soon.

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