The AUUG Motion Synth Turns Your iPhone into a Musical Instrument

A new project on Kickstarter is aiming to turn your iPhone into a motion-controlled musical instrument. The AUUG Motion Synth uses an attachment to play harmonies and alters the sound based on your movements.

With the AUUG grip, your iOS device can be secured to your hand and communicates with the app to collect data. When the grip is in position, you are able to play notes on the screen and move your device simultaneously.

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Once motion sensor data is collected, it's converted into sound by the AUUG app, for use on other audio apps. Although the AUUG app doesn't actually produce sounds, it can be used primarily for setting up presets or saving selected sounds.

Four windows are included in the app to determine musical options and other configurations. The Performance and Notes windows are used for choosing musical scales, while the Motion and Presets windows provide motion-to-sound translation algorithms and preset options.


In addition to sound apps like Garageband, the AUUG app can also be used with hardware synths or vocal harmonizers as well as software on a laptop. Other apps that feature both background audio and virtual MIDI capabilities include Magellan Jr. ($4.99), Audiobus ($4.99), and Alchemy Synth Mobile (Free).

The AUUG cloud will be available for users to share presets with others in the community. An online forum, product support, user guides, and video tutorials will be included on as well.

The AUUG Motion Synth is expected to be released in April if it reaches its $70,000 goal. It is compatible with iPhone 4S, 5, 5s, 5c or the 5th generation iPod and will start at $68.

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