iPhoneography Workflow: 'Winter Sunrise'

Jamie Rhoades iphoneography workflow for IPhone Life magazine.

Welcome to my most recent iPhoneography workflow in which I'll show you how I creates this photo in only three steps and what apps I used.

Since winter will be here before we know it, I thought this would be a nice photo workflow to share this week. I always suggest getting up early and being on location approximately 15–20 minutes before the sun rises. This is when the magical colors of the earth awake, and they don't stay long, so be ready. 

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I headed off to my favorite little lake to catch this sunrise. That is when I saw this bare, very beautiful looking tree. I aligned it with the sunrise, and started my shoot.

Step 1. I started off in Camera+ (1.99). After taking multiple shots and choosing my favorite, I started the editing.

Step 2. Still in Camera+, I used the Darken option. This brings out all the magic lights and lets them pop. After that I went to the Effects features, and used the Red Scale option. I adjusted the red scale to about 25 percent and saved to camera roll.

Step 3. I went to the Photogene ($0.99) app to sharpen the photo. I adjusted the sharpen to about 25 percent. Sharpening your photos will make them crisp, so they look as if they were taken by a pro. While in Photogene, I also used the De-noise feature and adjusted to about 60 percent to clean up the photo and get rid of any fuzziness, then I saved to camera roll.

That's it. I always watermark my photos to show ownership with iWatermark (free). I recommend you do the same. 

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I'm just a regular guy with a union concrete job. I have a wonderful wife and children who are loving supporters of my hobby which is "iPhoneography." I'll be sharing methods I use to create great photos with your iPhone. You can always find my work on Google+, ampt community, The Mobile Photograhy Blog.