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This is a review of the Fusion iPhone4 battery case by SaFPWR provided by Nelson Technologies LLC. I found the SaFPWR brand iPhone cases at the website I had been researching rechargeable battery cases for the IPhone 4 when a friend suggested the SaFPWR product. I chose the Fusion battery case for the iPhone 4 because it looked very sleek and thin. I wanted a battery case that would not add any bulk or weight to my phone. The specs of the Fusion case state that it weighs less than 2.4 ounces and only adds a total of ¼ total inches to your iPhone. Everything about the Fusion case seemed perfect but I still wanted to know more.

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I went to the facebook page from the Nelson Technologies website to dig for more information. On the facebook page it clearly states that the SaFPWR iPhone 4 battery case doubles the runtime of your phone while protecting your battery completely. They even have a great chart comparing the product to the other products currently on the market. At first, I was hesitant because of cost ($79.95) but when reading other reviews on the product and researching the SaFPWr technology it was a no brainer.

I received my iPhone 4 battery case in a couple of days and the packaging is as sleek and modern as the Fusion case itself. The Fusion case comes complete with the SaFPWR fusion case, a USB charging cable and a User Manual. On the outside of the box you can see the Apple Certified logo and a thorough explanation of the unique capabilities of the SaFPWR Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 4. According to the product box the SaFPWR patented Energy Management Technology (EMT) ensures the battery cells of your smartphone are fully and safely charged and discharged for up to 200% more runtime. I am very glad that SaFPWR put emphasis on ensuring the safety of your phone’s battery. When looking into purchasing a battery case for my phone I was warned about some products causing shorts and memory loss in smart phones. The Fusion package also makes it a point to say that you can charge, sync and use all of the iPhone functions and applications while your phone is charging in the smart battery case. This was another key point that other companies did not get great ratings on.


Testing the Product:

The user manual makes using the product extremely simple. First, you have to charge your SaFPWR case by plugging the USB cable into your iPhone wall charger or into a computer. I chose to plug my case into my computer. According to the user manual the first time you charge the Fusion iPhone battery case it should be for no less than 8 hours. After the first charging time it will only need 3-4 hours of charge time.  After the iPhone battery case is fully charged I just slipped my iPhone 4 into the case and the battery charging screen lit up. My phone feels very secure in the case; there is no movement at all. The Fusion case looks exactly the way I wanted to and adds no bulk or weight to the phone. It’s as simple as that and I was ready to go.



The Verdict:

After almost three days I had to charge my phone which exceeded my original expectation of the SaFPWR iPhone battery case. I was able to use all of the side buttons perfectly including the camera; the battery case did not limit my phone use at all. In fact over the three days I had multiple conversations with people recommending the product. The SaFPWR Fusion battery case for the iPhone 4 is a great product that I recommend 100%. I will never go back to any other iPhone case after using such a functional one that allows me to travel and leave home without thinking having to worry about bringing a charger.  As an Emergency Medicine Physician, It helps during my 12 hour shifts to have an extended battery.

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