Finding Health Care with iTriage

iTriage is a health care app for that helps patients learn about certain diseases, and  where to get access to health care. The app contains over 300 symptoms, 1000 diseases and 350 medical procedures. For each disease the app will give a brief description of the disease. The app will also describewhat your doctor would likely order as far as labs, x-rays and other common diagnostic testing for a particular disease. It also includes common symptoms and treatments. 
The app will recommend where the closest health care facility is located relative to your location. The interesting feature is that it will let you know if you are better off going to an emergency room verses an urgent care center. The only issue that I noticed is when I enter a disease process the app told me to go to an Emergency Room. The main problem was the emergency room it suggested was twenty miles away, missing several emergency rooms that were closer to me. Upon further investigation, it seems that the company will list facilities for free and charge them a monthly fee. This might create an incomplete database since some physicians or health facilities may not pay for this fee. This was the case with my primary care provider. He is a new graduate and stated he did not want to add any new expenses to his practice. 
The application will help users decide if their symptoms merit an emergency room visit vs being seen by a family practice doctor. The difference can equate to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in savings. One key thing to remember is that it is an app and it can not replace human judgement. If you think you have a medical emergency then go to the emergency room. Sometimes patients go to urgent care centers and they end up getting referred to the emergency room. Patients end up paying for both visits. Sometimes patients go to some “Free Standing Emergency Rooms” that can not take care of them and they too end up going to an emergency room any way. Unfortunately, they end up getting two bills.
For more information visit the companies website
Addendum: Please read below the comments from Healthagen, we will communicate to better gather the information of the local emergency rooms that were missed. We appreciate your help.
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