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In the sea of iPhone applications vying for our attention it’s easy to lose sight. It is also easy to spend countless hours absorbing useless content or information that is getting you nowhere.

I don’t like wasting my time. I am a busy doctor and parent. Hence I am all about combining technology, efficiency, entertainment and education. Recently I have come across a language learning platform called Babbel. Babbel has just released a new iPhone app that includes speech recognition, allowing you to speak words, just learnt, out loud to check if your pronunciation is in sync with a native speaker’s. But let’s start at the beginning.

In steps Babbel – a fun and innovative way to learn a language. Without having to download software, Babbel allows you to register in a few easy steps online and start learning a language straight away. Spanish, Italian, German, French, Swedish, Portuguese or English are amongst the languages offered.

Users are reminded how fresh and rewarding it can be to learn something new. The lessons are interactive, entertaining and well structured. Pictures, sounds and speech recognition abound making learning a language fun. Or, if you are really feeling confident, instant message is available with a mother tongue speaker of the language in which you are learning.

If you are like me and the very thought of sitting down with text books,  and flipping through flash cards haunts you, then Babbel is a must. From the start you will hear words and be shown pictures helping you to remember them via context and associations.

And now to make it even more appealing, Babbel has ported its recognition feature that they use in the web platform also to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The new App can be downloaded easily from the Apple App Store at: and the best part: the app is Free!

Now users really can feel smart allowing themselves to learn on the go, anywhere, anytime and have fun too. After syncing your Apple product with your Babbel online account, you will be ready to practice up to 3000 words of your current vocabulary. Speaking each word you will be given a score from 0-100, in real-time, of your accuracy compared to how a native speaker would pronounce it. I am so convinced of the product and its capabilities I am also putting the app on my daughter’s iPad so she can practice her Spanish.

PS: Even the web product is well within range for most anyone. With subscriptions to Babbel lessons starting as low as 7.95/month for a 3 month subscription there is no reason not to try. 

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