Top iPhoneography Pics of the Week

Top iPhoneography Pics of the Week showcases mobile photography talent submitted by iPhone Life readers. Each week, we feature three top submissions along with one honorable mention. We judge the images based on quality, composition, context, cleverness, and mood. All photos must be taken and edited with an iOS device and using only iOS apps.

To enter your own best iOS shots, please visit for submission details. Feel free to share how you created your image, and don't forget to give it a title and tell us which apps you used! You'll not only get the chance to have your photo featured online, but also of winning prizes from OlloclipCanvasPop, and a spot in the next issue of iPhone Life magazine. 

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This week's submissions have been very interesting. I'm noticing a lot of travel images, which is fantastic. It's always great to see other cultures and places from your perspective—keep them coming. Here are a few things to consider if you are looking to submit an image soon:

1. Keep your shot steady, especially in low-light. Try to use a platform like the Mini Tripod and Spring Mount by SquareJellyfish. That has been a dependable and convenient platform for me;

2. Compose your shot. Place your subject somewhere other than the center. Ask yourself if the subject is in the most pleasing area of your photograph;

3. Consider your perspective. Will your composition look more pleasing from a low vantage point or from a high one?

4. Zoom in. Sometimes you may want to consider walking closer to your subject. If that's not possible, crop your shot for an impactful composition.

Now get out there and photograph!


1st Place Submission

"My Daughter Molly" by Chris Gaffney



2nd Place Submission
Untitled by Pat Riva

"Havana, Cuba" by Pat Riva

Pat Riva has done it again with this wonderful submission. You might recall he submitted "Tall Ship" and earned an honorable mention.



3rd Place Submission
The Littlest Princess by Geri Centonze

"The Littlest Princess" by Geri Centonze

Geri said he shot this image with iPhone 4s and edited with Procamera ($4.99), Salvador Dali Camera ($0.99), Snapseed (free), Elasticam ($1.99), Glaze (free), Sketch Club ($2.99), Mozaikr ($0.99), Laminar Pro ($4.99), Light Camera (free). This image is proof that layers and cross-app editorial can produce a powerful and compelling image.



Honorable Mentions
Untitled by Kody Joslen

"Untitled" by Kody Joslen


Niagra Falls by Kurt VanDeMark
"Niagara Falls" by Kurt VanDeMark


Colca Canyon, Peru by Dan Littauer
"Colca Canyon, Peru" by Dan Littauer

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John Toma is a professional commercial photographer, writer, and public speaker residing in San Diego, Calif. John covers events for the press and contracts with various agencies. He is an accomplished iPhoneographer and has appeared on television to speak about the field of photography/phoneography. Check out his website at <a href=""></a>. Follow John on Instagram <a href="">@jt25</a>.